December Nights…Spanish Village Art Center Has It ALL!

It is time for the 39th annual December Nights celebration… December 2-3…”SERIOUSLY, already!?” you say! I have to admit, I get two types of reactions from people when I tell them. Excitement…or…deer-in-headlights! Some people love the crowds…others…not so much! Like going to the Macy’s Parade or shopping the opening minutes of Black Friday…love it or hate it! After all, nearly 350,000 people come to celebrate the holidays in Balboa Park, San Diego on the first Friday and Saturday of December each year!

Spanish Village Art Center in Balboa Park is the perfect solution for everyone! We start our festivities at 11am. If you come early and spend time in Spanish Village Art Center, you can avoid the traffic, park at the zoo (or valet in one of the lots)…then, take a short pleasant walk into the Village (between the Natural History Museum and the Zoo).

Artist Rosa Ruiz, Leather, Patio Artist, Spanish Village Art Center.

First stop…Daniel’s Coffee Cart (now located at the back of the Village!) for a cup of coffee and a yummy pastry! Then take a leisurely stroll around, checking out the studios and patio artists, with their unique handcrafted work (for sale!)…which will make everyone on your gift list ecstatic!

“Gazebo”, artist Susan K. Smith, Digital Art, Studio 8, Spanish Village Art Center.

All the while you are surrounded by beautiful decorations (that are even more spectacular after dark…which actually comes really early these days, right!?). There is also live entertainment throughout the day (and night!)

Once you work up an appetite (who needs to be hungry to eat?) there is a multitude of food vendors to satisfy any craving! Then…more shopping!!! Maybe a cup of hot cider…maybe a visit with Santa! You can even stand in the entrance of the Village and watch the light show on the famous Moreton Bay Fig Tree across the street! If you dare…you can venture slowly out into the rest of the park…but why! Spanish Village Art Center has it all!!! A celebration for all the senses. In some studios you can even handle the art…something museums usually frown on!

And…if you start celebrating early with Spanish Village and can tear yourself away early enough in the evening…someone will not only let you get out of your parking spot, they may offer to pay you for it (just kidding!)

So…to sum it up…Spanish Village Art Center is open 11am – 11pm during December Nights…December 2-3. And…we have it all! Come spend the day (and night!) with us!


Thanks for Listening!
Maureen King (Mo)
Studio 35
Spanish Village Art Center


“Wind and Sea Summer”, artist Joan Boyer, Oil, Studio 2, Spanish Village Art Center.
Necklace, artist Paul Kloppenborg, Jewelry, Patio Artist, Spanish Village Art Center.
“Duck and Penguin Pushtoys”, artists Lalchumi Ralte and Robert Stewart, Art in Wood, Studio 38.
“Autumn Harmony”, artist Linda Lepeirs, Oil, Studio 34B, Spanish Village Art Center.
“Sylvester, The Sly Flox”, artist Alane Gray, Mixed Media, Studio 18, Spanish Village Art Center.
“Pine Needle Basket”, artist Rebecca Lowell, Weaving & Basketry, Studio 39, Spanish Village Art Center.
“Above and Below”, artist Lynn Daniel, Copper & Wood Wall Art, Studio 18, Spanish Village Art Center.
“Lighthouse”, artist Leonard Carapezza, Oil, Patio Artist, Spanish Village Art Center.


Lapis Necklace, artist Mershid Arjmand, Jewelry, Studio 7, Spanish Village Art Center.


“Sketchy Neighborhood”, artist Denise Strahm, Photography, Studio 2, Spanish Village Art Center.

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